Selfconfigurating Webserver


Simple Browser is a browser without any controls. It is very useful if you want to prevent the user from using such commands as "back", "print" and others. There is no possibilty to change the URL too. The URL is set by command line or the configuration software. The size is only ~350 KB. Starting with version 1.2.0 SimpleBrowser is now configuratable. With a simple user interface you can change some options like default url, about box text, Program icon and so on. All configuration will be written to the SimpleBrowser.exe itself, so no config file is needed.
The current version of SimpleBrowser is using the Internet Explorer as Rendering engine.


Stable-Version: 1.8.2
Development-Version: 1.8.0
MAC OSX Beta Version: 0.5.0

License: Donationware